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Enables customers to book a taxi. This service is available 24/7 all around Dubai. The service can be provided in different ways to accommodate different customer needs.


Dubai metro, a modern and fully automated rail system with red and green lines, providing you with many great features in addition to convenient means of travel, including retail outlets, Wi-Fi connectivity, ATM machines. Following is the list of some of our metro related services .


Dubai Tram network covers a distance of 10.6 Km with 11 stations distributed over the population congested areas. Dubai Tram is considered as the first outside Europe working on underground power supply all over the track without the need of wires to feed it with electricity. Following is the list of some of our tram related service.!ut/p/z1/hc7LDoIwEAXQb3HBlpkCGnRXEgM2KBIxYjemJOVhEEit8PsSWbjxMbu5OXMzwCEF3oi-KoSu2kbU437mi8sO0fHRIaG7jdZICQsi34otnzlwmsCeuIGHJEQ78ZAe44TFS7YJiA383z2fyI-GF8AvQxEY8KJus-ld2mS2WwBXMpdKKvOhxrjUulsZaOAwDKbSwhTSwE-6bO8a0reCg2ygu6V4ndd9mNPZE06HAkw!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

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