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East Coast City Tour


Six Emirates of UAE are lying on the arabian Gulf and the sevens Emirates is lying on the Golf of Oman and Indian Ocean its Fujairah where the natural is quite,different from the other emirates .In Fujairah there is a chain of mountains and stones cungels , the third bigest oil harbour in the world. Fujairah was a theatre of a lot of historical accidents because of its location near the street of Hormones which was the commercial road between Asya , Africa and Europe. So we can see the old force from the portuguese also Fujairah one of the water sources of UAE and is the agricultural production site and the country side of UAE Explore the natural beauty of the United Arab Emirates, from the mountainous regions to the Gulf and discover the rich traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation.
There is more to the United Arab Emirates than just shopping malls, night clubs and beaches. The rich culture of the Emiratis, stunning deserts, mountains and fishing communities along the coastline is reminiscent of the region’s heritage. Book a private vehicle and sit back as you are taken to the country’s east coast. From markets selling local arts and crafts to the oldest mosque in the country, from the ancient ruins of the mountain dwellers to the 300-year old fort of Fujairah, you will be mesmerised by the beauty of the United Arab Emirates. There are many opportunities to take photographs and forever preserve your memories of this trip.note:Guide Available In All Languages. All Private Prices Based For Min 2 Persons.

Tour Attraction

  • Bull fighting
  • The Wadi and Bedya Mosque
  • Swimming Stop
  • Friday Market
  •   Price
    Share 60 USD
    Private 459 USD


  • Transport
  • Sightseeing
  • Guide payment


  • Flight
  • Free Meal
  • Hotel


  • Tour Plan

    • Friday Market 30 min
    • The Wadi and Bedya Mosque 20 min
    • Swimming Stop 120 min
    • Fujera old city and port 30 min
    • Bull fighting 30 min

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