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Al Ain City Tour


This tour is a discovery of the past and present, giving you an insight into an area that would later become part of the United Arab Emirates. The historical ruins and city museum bring to life the ancient Emiratis and the journey into modern day Arabia.
Set off in an air conditioned coach from Dubai and arrive at Hili Gardens in Al Ain, the second largest city of Abu Dhabi. Approximately an hour and a half away from Dubai, you will embark on an enchanting tour in what was once a desert oasis. With archeological ruins and digs dating as far back as 5,000 years, the Al Ain City Tour is one of history and tradition. The trip includes visits to Al Ain Palace Museum, the old fortress that gives visitors an insight to the royal family’s way of life as well as Al Ain National Museum. No journey to the Middle East would be complete without the chance to see camels up close and personal, and this city tour allows you to do just that. Complete your excursion with a journey to Jahili Fort to view an extensive photography collection of famous explorer Wilfred Thesiger, before heading back to Dubai.note:Guide Available In All Languages. All Private Prices Based For Min 2 Persons.

Tour Attraction

  • Al Ain Stadium
  • AL Ain Palace musuem
  • Camel Market
  • Al Ain Oasis
  •   Price
    Share 57 USD
    Private 459 USD


  • Transport
  • Sightseeing
  • Guide payment


  • Flight
  • Free Meal
  • Hotel


  • Tour Plan

    • Al Ain Stadium 20 min
    • Al Ain Palace Museum 30 min
    • Al Ain Traditional Market 30 min
    • Camel Market 20 min
    • Al Ain Oasis area 10 min
    • Lunch Break at Bwadi Mall 60 min

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