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Discover the historic sites of Dubai and the ultra-modern venues with this comprehensive tour of the city. Explore the heritage area of Al Fahidi Historical district(Bastakiya) with its Arabian wind towers, sail down the Dubai Creek on an authentic Abra and open the secrets of the 225-year old Al Fahidi Fort, home to the Dubai Museum. Shop at the Gold and Spice Souks.This tour is also available In All.

Tour Attraction

  • Dubai Museum
  • Spice souk
  • Gold Souk
  • Abra
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  • Sightseeing
  • Guide payment
  • Dubai Museum Ticket
  • Water Taxi Fees


  • Flight
  • Free Meal
  • Free Drinks
  • Hotel


  • Walking Tour

    • Creek Dubai Photo Stop 10 min
    • Al Fahidi Historical district Photo 15 min
    • Dubai Museum 30 min
    • Taxi water 10 min
    • Spice Souq 30 min
    • Gold Souq 30 min

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