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Dubai by Night


Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world it's famous for its sky scraper ,and during the night all these sky scraper are sprinkling like stars in the sky there are four spots or areas full o these high buildings ,sheikh Zaied road ,busnies bay , marina dubai and Jumerah lake towers. these areas are at the modern designs and the hight systems spacally in the neighbourhood of burj khalifa where we can enjoy with Mohamed Bin Rashed Bulvard and down town Burj khalifa and the fountain show with light and music and dancing water fountain back to the old city system of al Faheedy historical village and creeck Dubai with its floating restaurants which dicorated with the fantastic lights colors.note:Guide Available In All Languages.All Private Prices Based For Min 2 Persons.


Tour Attraction

  • Creek Dubai
  • Water Fontain
  • Dubai Marina
Share 41 USD
Private 218 USD


  • Transport
  • Sightseeing
  • Guide payment


  • Flight
  • Free Meal
  • Free Drinks
  • Hotel


  • Tour Plan

    • Creek Dubai 15 min
    • Mohamad Bin Rashid Boullvard 30 min
    • Water Fontain 60 min
    • Dubai Marina 30 min

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